Three nets are routinely called on ETECS repeaters:

  • The ETECS Training Net is called on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 PM on the  W5ETX linked system repeaters:
    • In Tyler on the “210” repeater (145.210 -750 KHz 136.5),
    • In Henderson and Rusk County on the  “92” repeater (146.920 – 136.5),
    • In Hawkins on the “24” repeater (147.240 + 88.5) and
    • In Edom and Van Zandt County on the (146.620 –  136.5).

Agenda includes check-ins, announcements and training pertinent to EmComm operations. ARRL radiogram traffic and digital traffic using various modes of the Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software (NBEMS) may also be handled during the net.

  • The Texas D*Star net is called weekly by ETECS own WJ5Z each Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM. The W5ETX-C module is linked to the 4-Bravo reflector (REF004B) during the net. Check-ins are welcome from anyone, anywhere using any device.

The Tyler Amateur Radio Club hosts several popular nets:

  • TARC Two Meter Net: Weekly every Monday night, 8:00 PM, on the “96” repeater, ( 146.960 -136.5).
  • TARC Smith County Ten Meter Net (aka The Farm and Ranch Report): Weekly each Sunday night, 8:00 PM, 28.360 MHz (+/- 5 kHz as needed.).
  • Tech Net: 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings, 7:00 PM, on the “96” repeater, ( 146.960 -136.5).

Skywarn nets are called any time severe weather may  impact Smith County.  They are held on the TARC’s K5TYR repeater system on 147.000 (- 136.5) with the 444.400 (+ 136.5) repeater linked for broader coverage.  The W5ETX repeater system would be used if the usual repeater system is unavailable.

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