The W5ETX Linked Repeater System

ETECS has several open repeaters under the W5ETX call. All systems are linked under normal conditions.  Sysops can un-link any individual repeater from the system as needed. Unless otherwise specified, the the input PL tone is 136.5 Hz. As with any linked repeater system, please key, then pause for a second, before speaking, as it takes time for the system to link and un-link between transmissions.

The ETECS systems relies on the AllstarLink system to provide IP-based connectivity into and out of the W5ETX linked repeater network. The status of the various ETECS AllstarLink nodes can be checked here.

Name Output/Input Location Description
210 145.210/144.460 Tyler (EM22ii51) ETECS primary repeater;
used for nets & tactical operations;
Note non-standard 750 khz offset;
Echolink available as W5ETX-R
24 147.240/147.840 Red Springs (EM22jm39) General purpose repeater
92 146.920/146.320 Rusk General purpose repeater
62 146.620/146.020 Edom (EM22fi69) General purpose repeater
04 147.040/147.640 Henderson (EM22od48) General purpose repeater
33 441.800/446.800 City of Hideaway (EM22gl56) General purpose repeater;
Linked to K5TYR 147 repeater for Skywarn
38 147.380/147.980 Gilmer (EM22ns59) General purpose repeater
442 442.850/447.850 Athens (EM22be80) General purpose repeater
443 443.250/448.250 Wills Point (EM22aq67) General purpose repeater
14 147.140/147.740 Palestine General purpose repeater;
ID is W5DLC; Owned by PACARC;
PL Tone 103.5
UHF Hub 444.325/449.325 Tyler UHF Hub for ETECS Network; General purpose repeater
PL Tone 136.5

D*Star Repeaters
ETECS provide two D*Star repeaters in Tyler. Register for D-STAR access at the W5ETX D-STAR Gateway.

Node Output/Input Description
B 444.850/449.850 Open D*Star UHF repeater
C 147.120/147.870 Open D*Star VHF repeater
Note the +0.750 Mhz offset!

Packet Systems

The State of Texas (RACES) has designated Winlink as their amateur radio preferred messaging platform.  As a result, ETECS is developing a packet radio network parallel to our voice systems to provide digital messaging throughout East Texas for all our served agencies.  The systems listed include ETECS and privately-provided packet nodes that cooperatively serve our area.  VHF gateways/digipeaters operate up to 1200 bps and UHF gateways/digipeaters operate up to 9600 bps.  We currently have three parallel packet networks in Tyler/Smith County on VHF frequencies of 145.050 Mhz, 145.090 Mhz and 145.010 MHz.  A map of the ETECS packet system is available here.

ID Location Type Frequency
UTHCT/W5ETX-1 Tyler General Purpose Digipeater 145.010
TY Tyler General Purpose Digipeater
General Purpose Digipeater
TYGATE Tyler 1200bps-to-9600bps Gateway 145.010
N9JN-7 Tyler General Purpose Digipeater 145.050
N9JN-10 Tyler Winlink VHF Gateway 145.050
KC5KCT-7 Tyler General Purpose Digipeater
General Purpose Digipeater
KC5KCT-10 Tyler Winlink VHF Gateway
Winlink UHF Gateway
W5CWT-7 Henderson General Purpose Digipeater 145.010
W5CWT-10 Henderson Winlink VHF Gateway 145.010
W5ETX-7 Rusk General Purpose Digipeater 145.010
W5ETX-3 Carthage General Purpose Digipeater 145.010
W5ETX-10 Tyler APRS Digipeater/Igate 144.390
K5TYR-10 Tyler APRS Digipeater/Igate 144.390
W5MCT-2 City of Hideaway/Lindale APRS Digipeater 144.390
ATH/W5ETX-4 Athens General Purpose Digipeater 145.010
GILMER Gilmer General Purpose Digipeater 145.010
FLY Tyler General Purpose Digipeater 145.050
HAWL/N5JOT-7 Hideaway Lake General Purpose Digipeater 145.010

Other Repeaters

ETECS, the Tyler Amateur Radio Club and other individual repeater owners work very closely together on a variety of amateur radio projects & activities including EmComm. The TARC’s repeaters are frequently used for all ARES, RACES & Skywarn operations. Other area repeaters that are open to all amateurs that may be used for EmComm include:

Name Output/Input Description
K5TYR 147 147.000/146.400 Location: E Tyler (EM22ii92)
PL Tone 136.5
K5TYR 96 146.960/146.360 Location: SW Tyler (EM22hg51)
PL Tone 136.5
K5TYR 444 444.400/449.400 Location: E Tyler (EM22ii92)
PL Tone 136.5
W5MCT 443.100 443.100/448.100 Location: Tyler (EM22ii34)
PL Tone 136.5
Yaesu System Fusion
KE5FGC DMR 443.575/448.575 Location: Tyler (EM22ii34)
Digital Mobile Radio repeater

Other Assets

  • Yaesu DR-1 Fusion Repeater for mobile/portable/temporary use
  • Motorola XTL 2500 digital public service transceiver
  • Fujitsu Ten 150 Mhz public service transceiver
  • Kenwood TM-733A VHF/UHF transceiver
  • Icom IC-2000 VHF transceiver
  • GE Monogram series UHF transceiver
  • Yaesu FT-857 HF/VHF/UHF transceiver
  • ADI AR146 VHF transceiver
  • Kenwood TM-241A VHF transceiver
  • Tower trailer with 25′ crank-up tower.

Wide Area Linked Repeater Systems

ETECS’s W5ETX linked repeater system has the ability to interconnect with other users/systems via the Echolink and Allstar VoIP systems.  On Echolink, look for the W5ETX-R node.  On Allstar there are several nodes provided by ETECS dedicated to emergency communications.  Click here for a list of nodes and their current status.

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